Dr James Baker

  Dr James Baker is a Reader in Chemical Biology at University College London, UK. His research group is highly interdisciplinary, with interests in the development of innovative methodologies in bioconjugation, chemical biology and organic synthesis, and application of these to the design of new targeted therapeutics and diagnostics. He is also a co-founder of the spin-out company ThioLogics (www.thiologics.com), which offers site-specific conjugation methods for the assembly of next generation Biologics.  Dr Baker was an RCUK fellow at UCL from 2007-2012, a lecturer 2012-2014, and a Senior Lecturer 2014 until present. 
    Summary of research group

    Our group is highly interdisciplinary, working at the boundary between organic synthesis, biology and medicine. Ongoing projects include; the development of new classes of reagents for protein modification; the construction of homogeneous antibody conjugates as targeted therapeutics and diagnostics; the design of albumin bioconjugates for drug delivery; exploring new photo-triggered chemical reactions; and the development of photoactive probes for controlling ion channel activity.

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    Research highlights

    Recent highlights include;

    1. Nunes, J. P.; Morais, M.; Vassileva, V.; Robinson, E.; Rajkumar, V. S.; Smith, M. E.; Pedley, R. B.; Caddick, S.; Baker, J. R.; Chudasama, V., Functional native disulfide bridging enables delivery of a potent, stable and targeted antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 10624-7.
    2. Hull, E. A.; Livanos, M.; Miranda, E.; Smith, M. E. B.; Chester, K. A.; Baker, J. R., Homogeneous Bispecifics by Disulfide Bridging. Bioconjugate Chem., 2014, 25, 1395-1401.
    3. Mortensen, M.; Iqbal, F.; Pandurangan, A. P.; Hannan, S.; Huckvale, R.; Topf, M.; Baker, J. R.; Smart, T. G., Photo-antagonism of the GABA(A) receptor. Nat. Commun, 2014, 5.
    4. Schumacher, F. F.; Sanchania, V. A.; Tolner, B.; Wright, Z. V. F.; Ryan, C. P.; Smith, M. E. B.; Ward, J. M.; Caddick, S.; Kay, C. W. M.; Aeppli, G.; Chester, K. A.; Baker, J. R., Homogeneous antibody fragment conjugation by disulfide bridging introduces 'spinostics'. Sci. Rep. 2013, 3, 1525.

    Research Facilities

      • NMR
      • Mass Spectrometry 
      • Chemical Biology and photochemistry equipment
      • RCUK Fellowship
      Research interests
        • Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology
        • Bioconjugation
        • Targeted Therapeutics
        • Antibody conjugates as Therapeutics and Diagnostics
        • Organic Photochemistry 
          UG courses including; 1st year - foundations in organic chemistry, 3rd year - photochemistry and reactive intermediates; 4th year - asymmetric synthesis.  Also run lab courses and carry out tutorials, workshops and lab demonstrating.