Dr Hugo Bronstein

  Hugo Bronstein is a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry who works on the synthesis of conjugated polymers and small molecules for organic electronics. His group is multidisciplinary and currently consists of 1 postdoc, 5 PhD students and 2 MRes students. Research within his group includes the synthesis of novel conjugated materials for organic solar cells, light emitting diodes, transistors and other novel applications.  He was worked at UCL since 2013. Before this, he was an Imperial College Junior Research Fellow working with Professor Iain McCulloch and Professor James Durrant.  
Summary of research group
  Our group is involved in developing novel materials for use in organic electronics. Specifically we aim to develop materials that allow us to control and manipulate the properties of their excited state. We also develop materials that enable us to control their nanostructured morphology in the solid state. We also develop new materials for organic electronics from sustainable sources.  For more information on Hugo's research group: www.bronsteingroup.com
Research highlights
Research Facilities
  NMR, MS, Full synthetic capabilities 

• Imperial College Junior Research Fellowship 2012

• ERC Starting Grant 2015

  Member, Royal Society of Chemistry
Research interests

• Conjugated polymers

• Planar aromatic small molecules

• Organic Solar Cells

• Organic Light Emitting Diodes

• Organic Field Effect Tansistors

• Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites

• Sustainable synthesis of conjugated materials

• Singlet Fission, Up-Conversion, Reverse Intersystem Crossing

  Teacher, 2nd and 3rd Year UG – Heterocyclic Chemistry