Dr Dewi W. Lewis

Departmental Tutor

  Dr Dewi Lewis is a computational materials chemist. His research is focused on understanding the properties and synthesis of porous solids such as zeolites and MOFs. New areas of research include the study of polymer structure, particularly molecularly imprinted polymers.  He was worked at UCL since 1998 having previously been a research fellow at Cambridge following a PhD and postdoctoral position at the Royal Institution. 
Summary of research group
  Our group is concerned with both fundamental and applied questions in the synthesis of materials. We have a long-standing interest in the self-assembly mechanisms of zeolite formation. In a more applied field we design templates to enable zeolites and MOF materials to be synthesised. We are also interested in how zeolites behave as a function of water content, particularly the phenomenon of pressure-induced overhydration. Most recently we have begun to apply our methods (particular in model building) to molecularly imprinted polymer materials.
Research highlights
Research Facilities
  • Meldola Award, RSC, 1996
    • MRSC
    • CChem of the Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Secretary British Zeolites Association
    Research interests

    • Computational chemistry

    • materials chemistry

    • zeolites

    • natural zeolites

    • molecularly imprinted polymers

    • Code development

    • 3rd Year UG – Computational Chemistry
    • 1st year UG – Quantum mechanics
    • 1st / 2nd year physical chemistry laboratory demonstrator
    • Literature and research project supervision