Dr Derek MacMillan

  Derek Macmillan is Reader in Organic Chemistry. His group is multidisciplinary and currently consists of 1 postdoc, 3 PhD students and 2 MRes students.  He was worked at UCL since 2005 (2005-11: Royal Society University Research Fellow; 2011-present: Reader). Before this, he was a postdoctoral research associate at UC Berkeley, working with Professor Carolyn Bertozzi.  
Summary of research group

Our group is engaged in the development of new chemical and biological methods for the semi-synthesis of modified proteins. Protein synthesis and semi synthesis will be important in unravelling the mechanisms of action of processes involving post-translationally modified (glycosylated, phosphorylated, methylated etc..) proteins. This endeavour involves synthetic organic chemistry, molecular biology, protein expression and protein engineering. Other projects include glycosyltransferase engineering, antimicrobial peptide synthesis, and synthesis and utility of transition metal complexes.  More information can be found on our research pages: http://dmacmillan2.wixsite.com/dmacmillan

Research highlights
Research Facilities

• Mass Spectrometry


• Chemical Biology


• Royal Society URF, Royal Society, 2003 

• Thieme Journal Award, 2010

  • Editorial Advisory Board: Journal of Peptide Science 
Research interests

• Peptide Synthesis

• Carbohydrate Chemistry

• Chemical Ligation

• Protein Engineering

• Therapeutic peptides, proteins, and glycoproteins

  • 4th Year UG - Advanced Carbohydrate Chemistry.
  • 4th Year UG - Structural Methods: Mass Spectrometry.
  • 3rd Year UG - Practical Organic Lab Organiser (multi-step organic synthesis)
  • 2nd Year UG- Chemistry of Biologically important molecules: Peptides and Proteins