Dr Abil E. Aliev

Senior Research Associate & NMR Manager

  Dr Abil Aliev is a Senior Research Fellow and Manager of the NMR Facility here in the department involved in training of users of the departmental NMR spectrometers. 
Summary of research
  Our research interests lie in studies of non-covalent interactions. By non-covalent interactions we define the ability of certain fragments of molecules to attract to each other without a need to share electrons. Hydrogen bonds being the strongest amongst the non-covalent interactions have attracted the most of the attention, while relatively little is known about π-stackings, X-H... π or hydrophobic interactions. As expected, non-covalent interactions are significantly weaker than covalent bonds, but they occur in large numbers in biological structures hence providing the strength and flexibility needed for biological function. In fact, from a chemists point of view any life process can be described as a chemistry of non-covalent interactions.
Research highlight
  The structure of tagetitoxin
Based on detailed analysis of newly acquired NMR data, we show that the previously revised structure of tagetitoxin is incorrect. A new structure of tagetitoxin is proposed which is consistent with the NMR and MS data.

Research Facilities
  • Bruker Avance III 600 Cryo
  • Bruker Avance 500
  • Bruker Avance III 400
  • Bruker Avance 300
  • Solid-state NMR spectrometer
Research interests
  • Non-covalent interactions
  • Structure and dynamics in solution and solid states
  • NMR spectroscopy