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We have a diverse and international faculty engaged in a broad spectrum of research, we promote excellence and strive to inspire through challenging teaching.

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Professor Erik Arstade.arstad@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology KLB 208020 7679 2344
Professor Jim C. Andersonj.c.anderson@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 331020 7679 5585


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Dr Jamie R. Bakerj.r.baker@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical BiologyKLB 225020 7679 2653
Professor Giuseppe Battagliag.battaglia@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics336020 7679  4688
Professor Andrew M. Bealeandrew.beale@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry467c01235 567 795
Dr Robert G. Bellr.g.bell@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry319a020 7679 1488
Professor Chris Blackmanc.blackman@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry454020 7679 4703
Dr Matthew Bluntm.blunt@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 124h020 7679 1087
Dr Dejan-Krešimir (Krešo) Bučard.bucar@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 453020 7679 4511


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Professor Stephen Caddicks.caddick@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology  
Professor Claire Carmaltc.j.carmalt@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry124g020 7679 7528
Professor Daren J. Caruanad.j.caruana@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsG16g020 7679 4527
Professor C. Richard A. Catlow, FRSc.r.a.catlow@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic ChemistryKLB 205020 7679 0074
Professor Vijay Chudasamav.chudasama@ucl.ac.uk Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology KLB 223020 7679 2077
Dr Tracey Clarketracey.clarke@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics431020 7679 5812
Dr Jeremy K. Cockcroftj.k.cockcroft@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry326020 7679 5802
Professor Furio Coràf.cora@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry 125020 7679 7482 
Professor Peter V. Coveneyp.v.coveney@ucl.ac.ukComputational Chemistry132020 7679 4560


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Professor Jawwad A. Darrj.a.darr@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic ChemistryKLB 227020 7679 4345
Dr Gemma-Louise Daviesgemma-louise.davies@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry 4550207 679 7524




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Professor Helen H. Fieldingh.h.fielding@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics133020 7679 5575


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Professor Francesco L. Gervasiof.l.gervasio@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsKLB 344020 7679 3215


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Professor Helen C. Hailesh.c.hailes@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 338020 7679 4654
Dr Cally Haynescally.haynes@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 108 
Dr Tim Helet.hele@ucl.ac.ukComputational ChemistryTBC 
Professor Katherine B. Holtk.b.holt@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics241020 7679 4670
Professor Stefan Howorkas.howorka@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology333020 7679 4702


Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Dr Rebecca Ingler.ingle@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsG16a 




Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Dr Caroline E. Knappcaroline.knapp@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry455020 7679 1497


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Dr Dewi W. Lewisd.w.lewis@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics124j020 7679 4779


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Dr Derek MacMilland.macmillan@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 329020 7679 4684
Professor Charles M. Marsonc.m.marson@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 335020 7679 4712
Professor Paul F. McMillanp.f.mcmillan@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry231020 7679 4610






Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Professor Robert G. Palgraver.palgrave@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry339020 7679 5085
Professor Ivan P. Parkin i.p.parkin@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry2050207 679 2818
Professor Mike J. Porterm.j.porter@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 233020 7679 4710
Professor Matthew Pownermatthew.powner@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 408020 7679 4542
Professor Stephen D. Prices.d.price@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics124i020 7679 4606
Professor Sarah (Sally) L. Prices.l.price@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsG18020 7679 4622


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Dr Anna Regoutza.regoutz@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry467c020 3108 5085
Dr David M. Rowleyd.m.rowley@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics126020 7679 4775


Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Professor Christoph G. Salzmannc.salzmann@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics454020 7679 8864
Dr Kerstin Sanderk.sander@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology KLB 208b020 7679 7036
Professor Gopinathan Sankarg.sankar@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry467e020 7679 4664 
Professor David O. Scanlond.scanlon@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic ChemistryG19020 7679 4558
Dr Bob C. Schroederb.c.schroeder@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology 467f020 7679 4687 
Professor Andrea Sellaa.sella@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry228020 7679 4687 
Professor Tom Sheppardtom.sheppard@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology KLB 224020 7679 2467
Dr Sabrina Simoncellis.simoncelli@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsLCN 
Professor Ben Slaterb.slater@ucl.ac.ukComputational ChemistryKLB 349020 7679 0071


Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Professor Alethea B. Tabora.b.tabor@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology337020 7679 4695
Professor Geoff Thorntong.thornton@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics327020 7679 7979 


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Dr Giorgio Volpeg.volpe@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical Physics431020 7679 5812


Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Dr Jon Wildenj.wilden@ucl.ac.ukOrganic Chemistry and Chemical BiologyKLB 222020 7679 3395
Professor Andrew S. Willsa.s.wills@ucl.ac.ukPhysical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsG16h020 7679 4537
Professor Scott M. WoodleyScott.Woodley@ucl.ac.ukComputational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Chemical PhysicsKLB 355020 7679 0315
Professor Graham A. Worthg.a.worth@ucl.ac.ukComputational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 340020 7679 1433


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Dr Yang Xuy.xu.1@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic Chemistry108020 7679 1502


Name:Email:Area: Tel:
Prof Martijn A. Zwijnenburgm.zwijnenburg@ucl.ac.ukMaterials and Inorganic ChemistryG18a020 7679 4665


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