Chemistry Demo - Lectures for Schools

“Atoms, Electrons and Light”

“Clocks, Oscillations, and Waves – The Surprising chemistry of the Halogens”

“The Elements”

“How the Zebra got its stripes, getting to the heart of pattern formation”

Andrea Sella giving a demonstration lecture

Lecturers from UCL Chemistry (Andrea Sella and Steve Price) have gone out regularly with their demonstration kits to present these lively and exciting displays of chemistry. These lectures are suitable for high school students of all ages. Unfortunately, because of the cost and time involved, such lectures are only available to large groups (minimum audience of 100, Science Days/Fairs, large scale BAYS events and the like) within the M25 area and we would normally expect a contribution towards travel costs for the demo lectures, though this is negotiable. These visits need to be arranged well in advance. We are happy to discuss with you what we can offer. These demonstration lectures are also given regularly at our in-house events listed here.