Chemistry Achievements in the MAPS Faculty Education Awards

3 December 2020

Congratulations to those in the department recognised recently in the MAPS Faculty Education Awards

UCL Portico Wilkins Building

Each year the Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences recognises excellence in teaching from staff through the Faculty Education Awards. Chemistry staff have recevied awardes from across the board including academic staff, support staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students and a large team effort.

Congratulations to:

Anna Roffey - in recognition of her impact on student and staff experience over the last year.

Jamie Baker - for outstanding leadership and exceptional performance in designing and delivery of our undergraduate programmes, particularly in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Mike Kelly - in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Chemistry Department and other Departments in the Faculty focussing in particular on his work in the area of timetabling

Joe Nolan - in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Chemistry Department with particular note of his excellent efforts during lockdown and re-opening of the department, as well as his support of complex building work in the buildings.

Jasper Berry-Gair - for providing excellent and inspirational teaching throughout the challenging lockdown conditions which have continued through the remote teaching this term.

Ivan Clayson - for going above and beyond in the excellent support he has provided, in particular in the development of video lectures to support students completing remote projects during lockdown.

The Lab_14 Team - for a revolutionary integrated programme of practical activities that allow 1st year students (chemists, natural scientists and life scientists, >1000 students across three faculties) to do all of their practical work at home. The team includes Andrea Sella , Christoph Salzmann, Daren Caruana, Liz Munday, Helena Wong, Hannah Shalloe, Sabrina Simoncelli, Miranda Molloy, Harry Li, Rebecca Chagoury and Sergio Garcia Busto, Alice Henley, Catherine Webley, Manish Trivedi, Manni Yang, Benji Thoma, Omri Tau, Belen Sola Barrado, Panagiotis Fikas, Minyan Lyu, Jasper Fairchild, Saeed Said, Alan Philcox and Ruby Wright within UCL and Aidan Kerrigan, Jack Dalgleishby and Martin Whitworth outside UCL. A massive team effort involving A-level students, undergraduates, postgraduates, academic staff, technical staff, our security officer, artist in residence and a food physicist.