Departmental Seminars 08/03/17

8 March 2017

Today we have a series of seminars in the Ramsay Lecture Theatre, CIB.

from 2pm - 3pm

“Late Stage 19F- and 18F-Fluorination for Application in Drug Discovery”

by Veronique Gouvener

Department of Chemistry, Oxford University

from 3pm - 4pm

“Antiviral polyamides active against high-risk human papillomavirus; a new mechanism for polyamide action”

By Prof. James K. Bashkin

Dept. of Chemistry, University of Missouri- St. Louis

from 4pm - 5pm

“Combustion Synthesized Metal Oxydes and Polyelectrolyte threaded MOF”

By Dr Kwong-Yu Chan

Department of Chemistry, University of Hong Kong