PhD students from the Chudasama Group scoop two 1st prizes at national-level poster competitions in two days

7 December 2016

Congratulations to Max Lee (left) and Joao Noguiera (right) from the Chudasama Group (http://chudasama-group.eu/) for winning 1st prizes for their poster presentations at the RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium 2016 and the EPSRC i-sense conference, respectively, on consecutive days. There were representatives from leading research institutions across the UK at both conferences.

"Very glad that Max and Joao got some individual credit that they deserved for their work and effort. It was also great that the posters represented work from two distinct streams of research in our lab; antibody conjugation and the development of next generation point-of-care devices. I must also highlight that we are a very close knit team and that Dr Antoine Maruani and Dr Daniel Richards also deserve credit for their contributions to the work that was presented." said Dr Vijay Chudasama.