Juiced Hub


(Joint University-Industry Consortium for Energy (Materials) and Devices)



The "JUICED" Hub will focus its research on nanoparticulate energy materials that will be made and developed for a variety of applications. The use of high throughput synthesis and computational methods will rapidly screen materials properties and highlight lead materials for each application area. The best performing samples will then be produced at laboratory scale and characterised at different scales to understand how they can be improved and optimised for devices. Selected materials will then be produced at the pilot scale, leading to testing on pre-commercial demonstrator devices. A strong emphasis is placed on replacing precious or unsustainable metals such as Pt, Ir, Ru and Pb.

Work Packages

WP1: Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) and Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) Catalysts [Lead: Brian Hayden]
WP2: Intermediate and High Temperature Electrolyser Materials [Lead: Peter Slater]
WP3: Materials for Supercapacitors [Lead: Upul Wijayantha]
WP4: Multivalent-Battery Cathodes Materials [Lead: Jawwad Darr]
WP5: Thermal Energy Materials and Devices [Lead: Peter Slater]
WP6: Radiation Stable Coatings [Lead: Upul Wijayantha]
WP7: Thermoelectrics [Lead: Jawwad Darr]

JUICED Lead Investigators   

Prof. Jawwad Darr (University College London)
Prof. Brian Hayden (University of Southampton)
Prof. Peter Slater (University of Birmingham)
Prof. Upul Wijayantha (Loughborough University)

JUICED Co-Investigators

Prof. Ivan Parkin (University College London)
Prof. Furio Cora (University College London)
Dr. Rob Palgrave (University College London)   
Prof. Yulong Ding (University of Birmingham)   
Prof. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens (University of Birmingham)   
Dr. Denis Kramer (University of Southampton)
Prof. Andrea Russell (University of Southampton)
Prof. Colin Garner (Loughborough University) 


AFC Energy, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, PV3 Technologies, Gwent Group Ltd, HMGCC, Qioptiq, Thomas Swan, Allotrope Energy, QinetiQ, EPSRC Supergen SuperSolar Hub, Teer Coatings Ltd.


•    Workshops with industry collaboration
•    Annual PhD Symposium on energy materials at UCL every September
•    First PhD Symposium: 18th September 2018
•    Guest speakers + abstract submission for posters and presentations.
•    Travel grants for PhD students available
•    Training opportunities and secondments


•    Grant of up to £2k available for collaborative partners with members
•    Must approach and discuss with academic at host institution first.
•    1 Page submission, calls every 6 months. First call deadline = April 2018
•    Student bursaries to attend one day events and summer schools