The facility has a state of art instrumentation

LIVE STATUS:  Due to Coronavirus, the Chemistry buildings are closed and staff are working from home. We will up-date you when the facility will resume practical analysis on this web-site. In the meantime, our email (uccams0@ucl.ac.uk) will be monitored daily and we are happy to help in terms of questions regarding data in hand, potential future projects.

How to use the mass spectrometry facility

In order to use the facility you must be registered as an 'User'. An introduction to mass spectrometry facility session and registration of users are held every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am in LG11 UCL Chemistry Department.  There is no need for a preliminary arrangement.


As of February 1st 2020

ExperimentsUCL Chemistry Department RateAcademic Institutions Rate
Mass measurements £7 per sample £25 per sample
Accurate mass measurements £10 per sample £25 per sample
MALDI-TOF £7 per sample £18 per sample
UPLC-MS analyses £20 per hour £40 per hour
GC-MS analyses £20 per hour £40 per hour
capLC-MS/MS, -MSnanalyses £20 per hour £40 per hour

Open-Access instrumentation

There are two open-access instruments available:-

1. Micromass MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer

2. Waters UPLC-SQD system

In order to use the open-access instrumentation you must already be registered as the user and attend the introduction to mass spectrometry session. Please email me information about your analytical requirements so we advise you on the instrument needed for your research, and we will arrange the date/time of a training course. There is also a sign-up sheet to complete in LG11, which must be completed before LC-MS or MALDI-TOF training starts.  The training course will take 1-2 hours, which also includes a safety induction.  Training open to PhD status and above.

Contact Details

For further information please contact Dr Kersti Karu (extension number 24605).


0207 679 4605

UCL Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility


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