Information about UCL Chemistry's relationship with Industry.


As Chemists we believe that practical application and interaction with industry are an inherent part of what we do, therefore we are always keen to talk to industries, both large and small to explore how we might collaborate.

Details of departmental research activities can be found in the Research pages.

There are a number of ways we work with industry, which includes:

The department also hosts a CDT in Molecular Modelling & Materials Science which encourages strong collaboration at the PhD level.

For business research collaborations with an academic staff member please identify the staff member(s) with research interests most closely aligned with your interests (Research pages) and contact them directly.

UCL Innovation and Enterprise supports UCLs staff and students to engage with businesses and external organisations with the aim of maximising the social and economic benefit of our knowledge and research. We do this through fostering innovation projects, developing partnerships, supporting entrepreneurship, and facilitating CPD and Life Learning.

For business services, from licensing to spin out companies, contact UCL Business. The remit of UCL Business is to maximise the commercial value of UCL's intellectual property assets and to carry out  commercial transactions.

For individual expertise, contact UCL Consultants, who help provide access to the wealth of expertise at UCL and manage bespoke consultancy contracts.



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