Chemistry Lab Dinner 2015

22 November 2015, 4:30 pm–10:45 pm

Lab Dinner

The dinner took place on Friday 20th November 2015 and was attended by 87 guests.

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Louise Msceveny

Due to on-going refurbishments to UCL Campus, the dinner was hosted by the Ambassor Hotel on Upper Woburn Place just a short walk from the department.

The RSC Thomas Graham Lecture was given by the departments' very own Professor Julian Evans entitled “Forever blowing bubbles”: the preparations for an ocean mirror".  Julian outline the strategies for climate remediation by increasing planetary albedo and then focus on the UCL proposal to cover a few percent of ocean surface with persistent foam, preferably derived from ingenerate resources.  This example illustrated the broader problems of how chemistry can be integrated with materials processing and how materials can benefit from biomass resources. 

         2015 Chemistry Lab Dinner Photographs © Michael Phillips Photography

Menu on the night

  • Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac soup with truffle, garlic and croutons(v) 
  • Sea food salad with squid and crayfish, baby gem leafs, lemon and cream dressing 
Main Course
  • Roast corn-fed chicken with ballotine sun-dried tomato quinoa, roast pepper and olive stew
  • Duck and fennel sausage, with cassoulet beans and chick pea or Line caught sea bass with sprouting broccoli, French beans and lemon 
  • Butternut squash parcels with walnut sauce and rocket salad (v)
  • Almond and peach tart with clotted cream ice-cream
  • Home-made tiramisu