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Welcome to the Alumni pages of the Department of Chemistry, UCL. We hope you enjoyed your time with the department and we would like to keep in touch. Details of the UCL alumni network, and departmental alumni resources are listed below. We would also appreciate any help alumni can offer in supporting the department's efforts in teaching, research, and the local community.

UCL Alumni Resources

The Lab Dinner

The next annual Chemistry Lab Dinner is scheduled for Friday 20th November 2015.  Further details can be found here

Previous UCL Chemistry lab dinners

If you have any photos that you took at past dinners, please send them either by post or email (as .gif or .jpg files) to Dr Andrea Sella:

Dr Andrea Sella 
Department of Chemistry 
University College London 
20 Gordon Street 
London WC1H 0AJ

who will scan them and return your photos to you as soon as possible.  Please remember to include your postal address.

ChemUCL - The AUCC Newsletter

The AUCC Newsletter is being posted to those of you we know about. If you would like to save trees and receive future copies electronically, please email Nicola Best. Back issues can be downloaded here in pdf format (which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Lost touch with someone?

If you are trying to contact an old flame or college pal you've lost touch with, check out UCL's Alumni Page which includes listings of over 4000 former students. If you get no joy there, then drop us a line

Can you play football?

Would you like to play football but don't have a team? The UCL Academicals who run several teams every Saturday from September to May and cater for all standards and ages.

UCL Alumni Network

If you studied at UCL for more than three months then you are a member of the UCL Alumni Network, which offers a range of benefits and services.

The UCL alumni web community allows you to update your personal details, and contact old friends.

How Alumni Can Help

Contribute to our history pages

We are putting together a Periodic Table of all past members of academic staff. Have a browse. Do you have any information about any of them? Any good stories? Do you have any photos from the time you spent here? Send us copies or scans to add to our archives and to add to these pages.

We are also looking for memories and information from anyone who remembers Frederick Donnan, please check out our pages -remembering Donnan.

Career Advice

Would you be interested in giving career advice to current under- and postgraduates? Perhaps you would be prepared to answer questions or give a talk. If so, then contact us and let us know what you would be prepared to help with under the UCL Links scheme. 

Write an ex-student profile

We are putting together a few mini-bios of former students to complement our Undergraduate Prospectus pages. Would you be prepared to contribute?

If you are interested, send us a few lines of text about who you are, your year of graduation, and a little information about what you do now. A recent photograph either a hard copy or digital (or even a pair of photos "then" and "now" perhaps?) will help flesh out the text. 

Give a gift

In the current funding climate, finding money to support students and buy equipment to keep our undergraduate labs running is increasingly difficult. We need help from our Alumni to develop an endowment to make it easier for us to maintain our activities. Click the button below to give us a gift.