Our Researchers Say

Overall the feedback received from researchers on the reopening of the Chemistry Department following the Covid-19 lockdown has been positive.

Find below comments from research students currenlty working in Prof. Ivan Parkin's lab in the Christopher Ingold Building.

Fangjia Zhao

The chemistry management team offered multistage returning training via Microsoft teams and riskNET for students, which provides a detailed and timely explanation of reopening measures.

Measures like keeping 2M social distance, wearing a mask were obeyed well by researchers returning to work, making people feel safe while working in a well-organized environment.

People keep a strong sense of responsibility as always on checking the experiment safety card and attendance online form, implement the new one-way walking system within CIB building makes people more confident to work like normal days and back to chemistry.

UCL offers a weekly report on the COVID-19 and other issues that matters safety also makes people aware of what happens, it is also a useful measure to reduce unnecessarily panic.

Overall, the department of chemistry and our research team offers a high-quality environment to keep research working running

Fangjia Zhao

Jintao Chen 

I am very happy with the safety procedure in the Chemistry department. There are symbols everywhere reminding the capacity of the room. People in the building have to wear face coverings to lower the risks. Everyone in the building was strictly obeying the rules.

Longxiang Liu 

We really appreciate the careful safety measures in the UCL Department of Chemistry. The head of department and supervisors have given us elaborate safety training before the re-opening. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection and keep low capacity, two cohort model is carried out and everyone wears facial coverings and remain 2m social distance in the department. To use the facilities or fetch items, students are supposed to make appointments first. Everyone fills in the access form once arriving and leaving the department to give the real-time number of people in the department. Moreover, sanitisers are provided on each floor for us to wash hands frequently.

In short, we feel very safe and happy to work in the lab now.

Thanks for all the efforts from the lovely staff and students and wish everything returns to business as usual soon.


Siyu Zhao

Generally, the current safety procedures are helpful to maintain a social distancing and students could do their own research with confident.

When walking into and around the building, there are instructions everywhere to help maintain a one-way system and keep social distancing

Before going into the lab, students are required to fill out the exact time they want to do experiments in the lab, which could help to arrange a reasonable time slot for everyone. And the maximum people could be controlled in one lab at the same time. When carrying out experiments in the lab, students should do their planned work which has been discussed with their professors in case of any safety issues.

There is a booking system for the SEM, TEM, etc. which could help to arrange a time slot for students to use.

Siyu Zhao



Yeshu Tan

The department of chemistry has complete and safe experimental conditions and everyone can receive high-level and professional experimental training along with professional knowledges.

Advanced instruments are maintained by experienced technicians, ensuring normal characterization. Besides academic studies, the department encourages various extracurricular activities and cooperation. During COVID-19 period, the department has formulated strict regulations to ensure that students can prevent virus infections efficiently while conducting studies and experiments.

Yeshu Tan


    UCL Covid-19 pages for information for staff and students, and links to resources and support

    For all information on Departmental Safety go to the Chemistry Safety Moodle

    UCL Chemistry Safety Officer
    Brian Kavangh
    Email: Safety.Chem@ucl.ac.uk