Ramsay Medal Winners

The Ramsay medal has been awarded annually since 1923 to the top postgraduate student or students studying in their final year in the Department of Chemistry, UCL.

The first names and PhD supervisors of some are now forgotten and we would be grateful for any assistance in reconstructing the list.  If you have any information, please email l.mcseveny@ucl.ac.uk.

Student Winner

Year of Award 


Project Title 

Dolley, L. G. F1923/24   
Saunders, S. W1924/25   
McKie, D1925/26   
Tanner, C. L1926/27  
Johnson, C. H1927/28  
Smith, J. W1928/29  
Hartley, G. S1929/30  
Robertson, E. B 1930/31  
Smith, M. L1931/32  
Daniell, J. F1932/33  
Rogers, Maurice A. T1933/34Ingold, C. K. 
Hoather, R. C1934/35  
Raisin, C. G1935/36  
Hale, J. B1936/37  
Cowdrey, W. A1937/38  
Kitchner, J. A1938/39  
Bateman, L. C1939/40  
No award1940/41  
Dostrovsky, I1941/42 Hughes, Edward D.  
Graham, J1942/43Ingold, C.K. 
Reid, Rastus I1943/44Ingold, C.K. 
Gold, Victor1944/45Ingold, C.K. 
Millen, D. J1945/46Ingold, C.K. 
Leeke, Francesca M1946/47Ingold, C.K. 
Austin, A. J1947/48Ingold, C.K.The action of nitrous oxide on aliphatic amines
de la Mare, Peter B. D1948/49Ingold, C.K. 
Gillespie, Ron J1949/50Ingold, C.K. 
Ridd, John H1950/51Ingold, C.K. 
King, Gerald W1951/52Ingold, C.K. 
Hobbins, P. C1952/53Craig, D. P  
Tobe, Martin L1953/54Ingold, C.K. 
Sinnott, K. M1954/55  
Maynard, J. C1955/56  
Pearson, R. B1956/57  
Gatehouse, B. M1957/58  
Fergusson, Jack E1958/59Nyholm, R. S  
Banthorpe, Derek V1959/60Hughes, Edward D. 
Banks, Barbara E. C1960/61Vernon, C. A  
Chan, S. C1961/62Tobe, M. L  
Watson, James K. G1961/62Callomon, J 
Philpott, Michael R1963/64Craig, D. P  
Bloodworth, A John1964/65Davies, Alwyn G  
Turnbull, Keith W1965/66  
Wong, L. Y1966/67Tobe, M. L 
Bower, Linda1967/68Stiddard, M. H. B  
Martin, P. L1968/69Walmsley, S. H  
Pearce, Fred L1969/70Banthorpe, D. V  
Knapp, Alan G1970/71Stiddard, M. H. B  
Griller, David1971/72Davies, Alwyn G  
Vinter, J. G (Andy)1972/73Hoffmann, H. M. R  
Bevan, John W1973/74Millen, D. J 
Rumjanek, Franklin David1974/75Vernon, C. A  
Andrews, David L1975/76Thirunamachandran, T 
Rogers, S. C1976/77Millen, D. J 
Garman, A. J1977/78Vernon, C. A 
Kisiel, Zbigniew1978/79Millen, D. J 
Not awarded1979/80  
Dempsey, C. E1980/81  
Chan, C1981/82  
Trusler, J. P Martin1982/83Ewing, Mike B  
Wolf, Malcolm L1983/84Catlow, C. R. A  
Proud, G. P1984/85Deeming, A. J  
North, Hazel M1985/86Millen, D. J  
Deakin, A. A1986/87Walmsley, S. H  
Davison, I. G. E1987/88Davies, Alwyn G  
Powell, N. I1988/89Deeming, A. J  
Doherty, Simon1989/90Deeming, A. J  
Batty, D1990/91Crich, David 
Tallant, Neil1991/92 Bloodworth, A. John 
Steed, Jon1992/93Tocher, Derek A  
Shannon, Ian J1993/94Harris, Kenneth D. M 
Williams, Alvin1994/95Motherwell, William  
Bradley, Adrian1995/96Motherwell, William  
Sinclair, Phillip1996/97Catlow, C. R. A  
Martin, Lee1997/98Day, Peter & Bramwell, Steve Structures and Properties of Magnetic Molecular Charge-Transfer Salts
Benoit, David 

Greaney, Michael
1998/99Clary, David
Motherwell, William
Champion, Dickon 

Farebrother, Adam
1999/2000Bramwell, Steve &
Clary, David 
Atkinson, Catherine E2000/01Motherwell, William  
Day, Graeme2001/02Price, Sally L  
Manning, Troy D 

Saez, Fabienne
2002/03Parkin, Ivan P
Porter, Michael 
Lambert, Natalie2003/04Kaltsoyannis, Nikolas 
Gawler, Kate2004/05Rowley, David  
Stone, Daniel  & Plet, Julien 2005/06Rowley, David
Porter, Michael 
Tribello, Gareth2006/07 Slater, BenStructure and energy relationships in ice and crystalline hydrates
Taroni, Andrea2007/08 Bramwell, SteveTheoretical Investigations of Two-Dimensional Magnets
Bishop, Clare2007/08 Wilson, MarkThe Energetics of Inorganic Nanotubes Formed Inside Flexible Carbon Nanotubes
Jelfs, Kim2008/09 Slater, BenInsights into Zeolite Crystal Growth: Modelling Templates and Oligomers at Zeolite Surfaces
Fenner, Laura2009/10 Wills, Andrew SFrustration in the Itinerant Ferromagnet Fe3Sn2

Chudasama, Vijay &

Kadizas, Andreas


Caddick, Stephen

Parkin, Ivan

The use of aerobic aldehyde C-H activation for the construction of C-C and C-N bonds

“Combinatorial atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition for optimising the functional properties of titania thin-films

Ward, Micheal2011/12 Price, Stephen DReactions of oxygen and hydrogen atoms with molecular ices of astrophysical interest
Elahi, Atif
Gray, Vincent
2012/13 Caruana, Daren
Wilden, Jon
Plasma Electrochemistry: Electron Transfer at the Solid/ Gas Interface
Potassium Alkoxides: A New Mode of Reactivity
Lovera, Silvia 2013/14 Gervasio, FrancescoModelling the selectivity of an anticancer drug through molecular simulations
Peveler, William 2014/15 Parkin, Ivan P.Nanomaterials for Explosives Detection.
Gill, Tobias2015/16 Hirjibehedin, CyrusControlling the electronic and magnetic properties of the two dimensional material silicene
Sabatini, Marco2016/17Sheppard, TomBorate Esters: Simple Catalysts for the Sustainable Synthesis of Complex Amides
Dann, Eleanor2017/18Catlow, RichardDeveloping Synchrotron Methods for Advanced Charaterisation of Heterogeneous Catalysts
Seavill, Peter2018/19

Wilden, Jon
Holt, Katherine

Utilising Copper for Methodological Advancements in Electro-Organic Synthesis
Malde, Roshni2019/20Baker, JamieThe Study and Development of Photoactive Protein Bioconjugates
Szijj, Peter2020/21Chudasama, VijayBispecific Antibodies and their Conjugates for the Treatment of type 1 Diabetes and Cancer
Kavanagh, Seán2021/22Scanlon, David

Cation Disorder and Solar Cell Performance in ABZ2 Materials