Ramsay Medal Winners

Ramsay Medal…

The Ramsay medal has been awarded annually since 1923 to the top postgraduate student or students studying in their final year in the Department of Chemistry, UCL. 

The first names and PhD supervisors of some are now forgotten and we would be grateful for any assistance in reconstructing the list.  If you have any information, please email webmaster.

Student Winner Year of Award  Supervisor  Project Title 
Dolley, L. G. F 1923/24     
Saunders, S. W 1924/25     
McKie, D 1925/26     
Tanner, C. L 1926/27    
Johnson, C. H 1927/28    
Smith, J. W 1928/29    
Hartley, G. S 1929/30    
Robertson, E. B  1930/31    
Smith, M. L 1931/32    
Daniell, J. F 1932/33    
Rogers, Maurice A. T 1933/34 Ingold, C. K.  
Hoather, R. C 1934/35    
Raisin, C. G 1935/36    
Hale, J. B 1936/37    
Cowdrey, W. A 1937/38    
Kitchner, J. A 1938/39    
Bateman, L. C 1939/40    
No award 1940/41    
Dostrovsky, I 1941/42  Hughes, Edward D.   
Graham, J 1942/43 Ingold, C.K.  
Reid, Rastus I 1943/44 Ingold, C.K.  
Gold, Victor 1944/45 Ingold, C.K.  
Millen, D. J 1945/46 Ingold, C.K.  
Leeke, Francesca M 1946/47 Ingold, C.K.  
Austin, A. J 1947/48    
de la Mare, Peter B. D 1948/49 Ingold, C.K.  
Gillespie, Ron J 1949/50 Ingold, C.K.  
Ridd, John H 1950/51 Ingold, C.K.  
King, Gerald W 1951/52 Ingold, C.K.  
Hobbins, P. C 1952/53 Craig, D. P   
Tobe, Martin L 1953/54 Ingold, C.K.  
Sinnott, K. M 1954/55    
Maynard, J. C 1955/56    
Pearson, R. B 1956/57    
Gatehouse, B. M 1957/58    
Ferguson, James E 1958/59 Nyholm, R. S   
Banthorpe, Derek V 1959/60 Hughes, Edward D.  
Banks, Barbara E. C 1960/61 Vernon, C. A   
Chan, S. C 1961/62 Tobe, M. L   
Watson, James K. G 1961/62 Callomon, J  
Philpott, Michael R 1963/64 Craig, D. P   
Bloodworth, A John 1964/65 Davies, Alwyn G   
Turnbull, Keith W 1965/66    
Wong, L. Y 1966/67 Tobe, M. L  
Bower, Linda 1967/68 Stiddard, M. H. B   
Martin, P. L 1968/69 Walmsley, S. H   
Pearce, Fred L 1969/70 Banthorpe, D. V   
Knapp, Alan G 1970/71 Stiddard, M. H. B   
Griller, David 1971/72 Davies, Alwyn G   
Vinter, J. G (Andy) 1972/73 Hoffmann, H. M. R   
Bevan, John W 1973/74 Millen, D. J  
Rumjanek, Franklin David 1974/75 Vernon, C. A   
Andrews, David L 1975/76 Thirunamachandran, T  
Rogers, S. C 1976/77 Millen, D. J  
Garman, A. J 1977/78 Vernon, C. A  
Kisiel, Zbigniew 1978/79 Millen, D. J  
Not awarded 1979/80    
Dempsey, C. E 1980/81    
Chan, C 1981/82    
Trusler, J. P Martin 1982/83 Ewing, Mike B   
Wolf, Malcolm L 1983/84 Catlow, C. R. A   
Proud, G. P 1984/85 Deeming, A. J   
North, Hazel M 1985/86 Millen, D. J   
Deakin, A. A 1986/87 Walmsley, S. H   
Davison, I. G. E 1987/88 Davies, Alwyn G   
Powell, N. I 1988/89 Deeming, A. J   
Doherty, Simon 1989/90 Deeming, A. J   
Batty, D 1990/91 Crich, David  
Tallant, Neil 1991/92  Bloodworth, A. John  
Steed, Jon 1992/93 Tocher, Derek A   
Shannon, Ian J 1993/94 Harris, Kenneth D. M  
Williams, Alvin 1994/95 Motherwell, William   
Bradley, Adrian 1995/96 Motherwell, William   
Sinclair, Phillip 1996/97 Catlow, C. R. A   
Martin, Lee 1997/98 Bramwell, Steve   
Benoit, David 

Greaney, Michael
1998/99 Clary, David
Motherwell, William
Champion, Dickon 

Farebrother, Adam
1999/2000 Bramwell, Steve &
Clary, David 
Atkinson, Catherine E 2000/01 Motherwell, William   
Day, Graeme 2001/02 Price, Sally L   
Manning, Troy D 

Saez, Fabienne
2002/03 Parkin, Ivan P
Porter, Michael 
Lambert, Natalie 2003/04 Kaltsoyannis, Nikolas  
Gawler, Kate 2004/05 Rowley, David   
Stone, Daniel  & Plet, Julien  2005/06 Rowley, David
Porter, Michael 
Tribello, Gareth 2006/07  Slater, Ben Structure and energy relationships in ice and crystalline hydrates
Taroni, Andrea 2007/08  Bramwell, Steve Theoretical Investigations of Two-Dimensional Magnets
Jelfs, Kim 2008/09  Slater, Ben Insights into Zeolite Crystal Growth: Modelling Templates and Oligomers at Zeolite Surfaces
Bishop, Clare 2009/10  Wilson, Mark The Energetics of Inorganic Nanotubes Formed Inside Flexible Carbon Nanotubes
Fenner, Laura 2010/11  Wills, Andrew S Frustration in the Itinerant Ferromagnet Fe3Sn2
Ward, Micheal 2011/12  Price, Stephen D Reactions of oxygen and hydrogen atoms with molecular ices of astrophysical interest
Elahi, Atif
Gray, Vincent
2012/13  Caruana, Daren
Wilden, John
Plasma Electrochemistry: Electron Transfer at the Solid/ Gas Interface
Potassium Alkoxides: A New Mode of Reactivity
Lovera, Silvia  2013/14  Gervasio, Francesco Modelling the selectivity of an anticancer drug through molecular simulations
Peveler, William  2014/15  Parkin, Ivan P. Nanomaterials for Explosives Detection.
Gill, Tobias 2015/16  Hirjibehedin, Cyrus Controlling the electronic and magnetic properties of the two dimensional material silicene
Sabatini, Marco 2016/17 Sheppard, Tom Borate Esters: Simple Catalysts for the Sustainable Synthesis of Complex Amides