UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Core research groups

Please find below a list of research groups within the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering.
The Advanced Propulsion Lab (APL)

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Chemical reactions lie at the heart of processes where molecules are transformed from raw materials to useful products and energy.

The Advanced Propulsion Lab (APL)

Electrochemical Engineering

Electrochemical technology is behind many energy generation and 'environmentally friendly' processes that can reduce CO2 emissions and improve our standards of living. 

The Advanced Propulsion Lab (APL)

Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics

The Molecular and Engineering Thermodynamics group seeks to solve problems of great societal importance, including those described in the Grand Challenges, by understanding and manipulating fundamental thermodynamics principles.

The Advanced Propulsion Lab (APL)

Multiphase Systems

Multiphase Systems Group focuses on the physical and physico-chemical understanding and chemical engineering of many complex two- and three-phase systems spanning across different length-scale (micro to macro) and flow regimes. This includes processes relating to CO2 emission reductions such as CO2 Capture, pipeline transportation and Storage (CCS) for reducing global warming. 

The Advanced Propulsion Lab (APL)

Product and Process Systems Engineering

To develop and extend competencies in methodological developments in systems engineering and to demonstrate these by application to challenging problem domains.