UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Toby Neville

Postgraduate Researcher

    Research project

    Title: The Investigation of Aluminium Wastes Encapsulated in the Individual Phases of Ordinary Portland Cement

    Supervisor: Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens

    Immobilisation of radioactive wastes is carried out to allow them to be handled and stored safely. This technique is currently carried out using composite cements, which are blends of Ordinary Portland Cement , blast furnace slags and pulverised fuel ashes. The immobilised wastes are collectively known as wasteforms. The composite cements have low permeability and will incorporate various waste compounds into the hydrated structure of the cements; these will stop leaching of the radionuclides into the environment. The hardened cement makes the wasteform solid and provides strength so that is durable for long term storage.

    The project aims to provide the nuclear industry with more information about the reactions and products formed in solidified waste systems. This will improve the understanding of wasteforms and act as underpinning support for waste management strategies. This project is a continuation of work carried out by the National Nuclear Laboratory, concerning the corrosion of Magnox wastes in OPC. The Project is part of the DIAMOND nationwide consortium looking at the management and disposal of nuclear wastes.


    PhD Chemical Engineering, University College London, UK

    MEng Chemical Engineering, University College London, UK