UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Sohrab Randjbar Daemi

Sohrab completed his degree in Materials Science from Queen Mary in 2014. Taking interest in the environment and innovations in green energy generation and storage, he decided to pursue the MSc in Materials for Energy and Environment at UCL.

His MSc project introduced him to the EIL and focused on the optimisation of Vanadium Redox Flow batteries. In 2015 he started his PhD and he will focus on X-ray tomography of Lithium Batteries in partnership with Jhonson Matthey.

Research project

Title: Application of Advanced Imaging Techniques to Explore Battery Materials

Over the past 20 years, the proliferation of Xray computed tomography CT equipment has revolutionised our understanding of a broad range of functional and biological materials extending our investigations into the 3rd dimension to build comprehensive microstructural maps, and providing unique insight into the relationship between the microscopic structure of materials and their performance in devices.


MEng Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London, 2014
MSc Materials for Energy and Environment, UCL