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Panagiota Angeli

Professor in Chemical Engineering, Deputy Head (ED&I)

Panagiota Angeli


Prof Panagiota Angeli, FIChemE, specializes on complex multiphase flows and their application to process intensification in energy and manufacturing. She received her Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 1990, where she subsequently remained for a further period as a Research Assistant. Following this she joined Imperial College in 1992 where she studied for a PhD in Chemical Engineering specialising in Multiphase Flows. In 1996 Prof Angeli joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCL. She received an Exxon Teaching Fellowship Award 1998 and was awarded a Leverhulme/RAEng Senior Research Fellowship in 2011. Prof Angeli participates in the UK Engineering dnd Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and international (Norway, Sweden) research funding review panels.

Teaching Summary 

CENG0003: Transport Phenomena. Module leader

CENG0016: Chemical Engineering Design Project. I participate as an expert in the assessment of the detailed process units design.

Research Summary

I specialize on complex two-phase flows particularly those involving two liquid phases. The aim of the research is to understand small scale interactions and develop predictive models for the large scale behaviour of the two-phase mixtures, aided by integrated sensing and data analysis. I have also been investigating the effects of surfactants and non-Newtonian rheologies. My research is relevant to energy (nuclear, oil and gas), advanced manufacturing and healthcare applications. The experimental investigations have been enabled by original and advanced sensing and measurement techniques, such as micro- and high speed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), and two-colour PIV and have been used to develop numerical simulations and predictive models.


  • 1996 - PhD in Chemical Engineering (Multiphase Flows), Imperial College London
  • 1990 - Dimplona in Chemical Engineering (MEng equivalent), National Technical University of Athens, Greece 


  • 2011 - Senior Research Fellowship; Leverhulme Trust/ Royal Academy of Engineering
  • 1999 - Esso Engineering Teaching Fellowship Awarding; Royal Academy of Engineering

Professional Affiliations  

  • FIChemE – fellow of IChemE
  • CEng – chartered engineer


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  • Intensified extraction of uranium(VI) in impinging-jets contactors By:Tsaoulidis, D ; Ortega, EG ; Angeli, P CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 342, 251-259, 2018
  • Experimental and numerical hydrodynamic studies of ionic liquid-aqueous plug flow in small channels By: Li, Q ; Angeli, P CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 328, 717-736, 2017
  • Surfactant effects on the coalescence of a drop in a Hele-Shaw cell By:Chinaud, M ; Voulgaropoulos, V ; Angeli, P ] PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 94, 3, 033101, 2016
  • Effect of channel size on mass transfer during liquid-liquid plug flow in small scale extractors By:Tsaoulidis, D ; Angeli, P CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 262, 785-793, 2015 Published: FEB 15 2015

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