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Eva Sorensen

Professor in Chemical Engineering / Head of Department

Eva Sorensen


Prof Sorensen joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCL in 1996 and is currently Professor in Chemical Engineering and Head of Department. Prior to joining UCL, she spent one year at the Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London as a postdoctoral researcher. Prof Sorensen is a member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) Working Party on Fluid Separations (Chair 2007-2013) and she was previously a member of the EFCE's Executive Board (2011-2017). Prof Sorensen is an Editor of Chemical Engineering Research and Design, previously the Editor-in-Chief (2010-2021), and a member of the IChemE's Education & Accreditation Forum and the IChemE Fluid Separations Special Interest Group Committee. She is a past member of the UK Engineering Council's Engineering Accreditation Board (2014-2021). 

Teaching Summary 

I am particularly interested in problem-based learning whereby students work together in teams to solve a real world problem. This is not only a more realistic learning situation for soon-to-be engineers, but also significantly increases students’ critical thinking and their problem solving abilities. Combined with this, I am passionate about the interactions between experimental and computational aspects of engineering, and for students to see how these go hand-in-hand with fundamental theory in solving engineering problems. With the increasing focus on the use of digital resources within industry, training the next generation of engineers in their use is a key priority.

Modules currently taught:

  • CENG0033 Advanced Separation Processes
  • CENG0038 Chemical Engineering Research Project (supervision)
  • CENG0057 Chemical Process Engineering Research Project (supervision)

Research Summary

My research activities are primarily in the area of fluid separations, a key area within chemical engineering where the application of advanced modelling and optimisation techniques for optimal design and operation can lead to very substantial benefits, especially within the increasingly important sectors of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The overall objective of my work is to consider optimal design, operation and control using detailed mathematical models coupled with advanced optimisation methods. By considering all possible degrees of freedom and design combinations, new plants, or retrofits of existing plants, may be found which can significantly improve productivity and at the same time reduce environmental impact. Wherever possible, our models are verified experimentally either at UCL or through collaborations with other workers or with industry.



SEFI Fellowship Award, European Society for Engineering Education


Frank Morton Medal, Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)


PROSE Award - Chemistry & Physics, American Publishers Award


Exxon Mobil Award for Excellence in Teaching, Royal Academy of Engineering



MA, Education, University College London


PhD, Chemical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway


MSc, Chemical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Professional Affiliations  

  • FIChemE – fellow of IChemE
  • MAIChE – member of AIChE
  • FHEA – member of HEA


  • Tsatse, A., Oudenhoven, S. R. G., ten Kate, A. J. B., & Sorensen, E. (2022). A framework to evaluate the impact of uncertainty on design and operation of reactive distillation systems. Chemical Engineering Science, 251.
  • Duanmu, F., Chia, D. N., & Sorensen, E. (2022). A shortcut design method for complex distillation structures. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 180, 346-368.
  • Besenhard, M. O., Tsatse, A., Mazzei, L., & Sorensen, E. (2021). Recent advances in modelling and control of liquid chromatography. Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 32, 100685.
  • Sorensen, E. (2016). Changing the world: Educating students differently, with a more scenario and problem-based engineering curriculum. TCE The Chemical Engineer, 904, 26-30 Gorak, A., & Sorensen, E. (2014). Distillation: Fundamentals and Principles. Academic Press.

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