UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Sustainability Committee

As of May 2020, in support of the UCL’s sustainability commitment and sustainability strategy, the Department of Chemical Engineering established a Sustainability Committee.

Meet the team

Gema Santos Amaya
Gema Santos Amaya

I’m a MSCA - ETN Early Stage Researcher PhD candidate of the project: “Life-cycle assessment and cost analysis of emerging eAOP technologies” in which, under the supervision of Paola Lettieri, I will perform the sustainability assessment and cost analysis of an innovative Advance Oxidative Process technology applied in wastewater treatment to efficiently degrade emerging pollutants. 

Simon Barrass
Simon Barrass

I am the Facilities Manager in Chemical Engineering which involves working with UCL Estates to achieve a comfortable and effective working environment.  This includes choosing sustainable solutions, rehoming unrequired equipment and identifying ways to reduce energy usage within the building especially with regard to lighting, heating and ventilation.  

Arshia Fazeli (Student Ambassador)


Lizzie Howie
Lizzie Howie 

EIL Centre Administrator.  I oversee the administration of the Electrochemical Innovation Lab.  I am excited to be involved with the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives and policies within the department, encouraging colleagues and students to reduce our impact on the environment.

Mel Ingle

Part of my current role is to order catering for meetings, purchase stationery and refreshment items for staff and encourage recycling of waste and unwanted items.  It is important for me to purchase items that are Fairtrade, Eco Friendly and Sustainable. This is not just about saving money, but a change of thinking and life-style - participating in improving the way we use the resources of our planet.

Rhodri Jervis
Rhodri Jervis (Co-Chair, Labs)

I’m a lecturer in the EIL working on electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices. My role on the committee is to ensure that our lab practices are as efficient and green as possible, building sustainable thinking into our research to ensure that the process of conducting our experiments, and not just their outputs, is contributing to sustainability.

Megan Lee (Student Ambassador)

I am a 2nd year student in the Department of Chemical Engineering and one of the departmental sustainability ambassadors this year. I am enthusiastic about implementing a green lifestyle and contributing to create an eco-friendly community. I look forward to promoting green ideas and raise awareness on campus.

Katy Le Lion
Katy Le Lion (Chair)

My current role as Department Manager in Chemical Engineering has given me the opportunity to lead the professional services team, focusing on our ambition of being the best we can be, with an inclusive culture, and operating in a carbon conscious way.  

Izzy Mackay
Izzy Mackay

I am a Lecturer (Teaching) on the MSc Global Management of Natural Resources, specialising in teaching how we can improve the sustainability of the extractives sector for a greener world. I am excited to also taking what we teach and putting it into practice in the day to day of the department. 

Alex Marinov (Student Ambassador)
Alex Marinov

1st year PhD Student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. I work with novel 2D materials to research their application in next generation battery electrodes and hydrogen fuel electrocatalysis. Striving towards a more sustainable society one step at a time, from reusable alternatives to single use plastics and reducing/changing the way I travel to contributing towards the departmental outlook on sustainability. 

Alya Mohamed Fauzi (Student Ambassador)

Toby Neville

Research Laboratory Manager for the Electrochemical Innovation Laboratory (EIL) in the department of Chemical Engineering. Our research interests are in the area of electrochemical energy, devices such as batteries and fuel cells used in Electric Vehicles. Our goals are to improve the efficiency, sustainability, performance and safety of these systems. It is important to meet these research goals by conducting our research a sustainable manner and minimising carbon emissions and waste materials.

Andrea Paulillo
Andrea Paulillo

Research Fellow in the Fluidization and Life Cycle Assessment group. I specialize in the methodological development and application of Life Cycle Assessment – a widely adopted tool to quantify the environmental impacts of products or services from a life-cycle perspective.

Seema Walker
Seema Walker (Secretary)

Teaching and Learning Administrator for Year 1 Undergraduates and EC Panel Secretary for the Chemical Engineering Department. Interested in observing, learning and supporting implementation of sustainable, carbon conscious strategies.