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Giovanni Meridiano

Giovanni Meridiano received his Master degree in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic school of Naples “Federico II” in 2016. His Master thesis project was aimed to the study of gas fluidized beds as solar radiation receivers and thermal storage devices for CSP plants.  After the MSc degree he worked at the Polytechnic school of Naples “Federico II” as fellow Researcher within the “URANIA” project in collaboration with the INFN. The main purpose was the design and start-up of a PSA (pressure swing adsorption) pilot plant. He joined the group as a PhD student in September 2017. His research focuses on the experimental and computational study of solid–liquid mixing processes used to manufacture complex oral health products.


PhD Student

Dept of Chemical Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
    1st Sep 2017


Polytechnic School of Naples "Federico II"
MSc Chemical Engineering | 2016