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Spring into STEM | Smart Manufacturing in the Digital Era | Virtual Lecture Series

23 March 2023, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Digital Manufacturing of Advanced Materials

How are smart technologies and digitalisation changing laboratories and manufacturing sites? Can AI and robots do all the work for us? Dr. Maximilian Besenhard and Dr. Reza Abbasi will show what digital manufacturing is and how it is changing the world of science and engineering by accelerating the discovery of advanced materials we need to face global challenges.

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This session will cover the latest research and technologies in manufacturing of advanced materials in a digitised world.

The new demands for green energy generation, medicine and healthcare, as well as sustainable production can only be met through advanced materials such as nonporous hydrogen storage materials, new drug molecules, highly efficient catalysts, functional nanomaterials for precious metal recovery or cancer treatment, and many more. Developing and manufacturing these materials, however, is challenging and scientists and engineers rely on digital technologies to be successful.  

The fourth industrial revolution implementing these digital technologies is reshaping chemical and process research facilities along with production plants. Emerging smart technologies are revolutionising the development and production of novel chemicals and materials with the aid of computer models, machine learning, lab automation, flow chemistry and robotic systems. And there is no end in sight, with the current expansion of data science and automated experimentation leading the way to self-driving laboratories. Digital manufacturing combined with novel technologies to characterise advanced materials in real-time, allows to speed up and automate material discovery and production in ways that exceeds what humans alone can achieve.  

Presented by Dr. Max Besenhard and Dr. Reza Abbasi from the Digital Manufacturing of Advanced Materials team.

Format: 30 minutes talk; 30 minutes Q&A

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About the Speakers

Dr Max Besenhard

Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing of Advanced Materials at UCL Chemical Engineering

More about Dr Max Besenhard

Dr Reza Abbasi

Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing of Advanced Materials at UCL Chemical Engineering

More about Dr Reza Abbasi

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