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Support for ethnic minority staff and students

UCL Chemical Engineering wants to ensure that all our ethnic minority staff and students feel supported to reach their full potential during their studies and careers.

We also want our ethnic minority staff and students to feel they are heard and their needs are met. Below, we have listed resources and opportunities as set up by central UCL, and the Department, for both those who are ethnic minority but also for allies. The areas we have focused on are: 

  1. Staff Development 
  2. Student Development
  3. Staff and Student Societies and Networks
  4. Reporting Racial and Xenophobic Harassment 
  5. For Allies
    Race Equality Educational Resources  

Note that all this information, and more, can also be found on UCL’s ‘Race Equality’ pages

If you have any further questions, or comments, on any of the content below, please get in touch with any of the contacts mentioned in the links or any members of the Chemical Engineering ED&I committee.  

Staff Development 


Recruitment for the 2021 B-MEntor Academic Mentoring Scheme and B-MEntor Professional Mentoring Scheme is now open. 

Please register your expression of interest by 20 December 2021.

B-MEntor Academic Mentoring Scheme

B-MEntor is a cross-institutional mentoring scheme for ethnic minority academics and researchers. 

Mentors could be of any ethnic background at senior lecturer (Assistant Professor) level or above.

More information can be found on the B-MEntor Academic Mentoring Scheme website.

B-MEntor Professional Mentoring Scheme

B-MEntor is a cross-institutional mentoring scheme for ethnic minority staff in professional services. 

Mentees should be at grades 1 –7

The mentors will be staff from any ethnic background from first-line managers up through senior management – at UCL, this is grades 7-10.

More information can be found on the UCL B-MEntor Professional Mentoring Scheme website.

Coach at UCL

A pilot will launch in January 2021, focussing coaching provision on Black* staff at grades 8 and 9 and participants on the Accelerate to Leadership programme. For more information, visit the 
Coach at UCL website.


Inclusive Advocacy – Professional

Inclusive Advocacy – Professional is a new sponsorship programme designed to ensure high performing under-represented groups reach their full potential at UCL.  

Emerging from the recognition of a persistent attainment gap in the career progression of ethnic minority staff, the two-year programme aims to connect senior leaders (‘Advocates’) to high-performing Grade 7 and 8 staff (‘Protégés).   

The programme is currently in pilot phase and will be evaluated in Spring 2021;  recommendations will be made on its continuation in academic year 21/22


Emerging Leaders  

A leadership and development programme for ethnic minority staff at UCL grades 5, 6 & 7. 

Student Development

Ethnic minority Student Careers

UCL Careers aims to provide ethnic minority students with information about the range of careers support available from a variety of companies, organisations and sectors.

Staff and Student Societies and Networks


The RaceMatters@UCL forum is for networking, peer support, sharing ideas and articles of interest, forging scholarly connections and collaborations, organising formal and social events, and positively influencing policy and practice on race equality at UCL. The group networks through academic and social events. 

UCLU African Caribbean Society 

The UCLU African Caribbean Society for meeting new people, learning about African and Caribbean cultures, and finding opportunities to help your future. 

UCLU BME Students’ Network  

The BME Students' Network represents the views of students at UCL, including but not limited to, students with African, Asian, Arab, Caribbean and Indigenous heritages. This involves meetings to discuss issues that affect the network, running of campaigns and projects, and attending socials. 

UCL Black Doctoral Student Network

The UCL Black Doctoral Student Network is a Student-led University supported network dedicated to providing a community for Black doctoral students across UCL.

Reporting Racial and Xenophobic Harassment 

For Allies

Race Equality Educational Resources

Books, films and Series 

The below resource list will continually be updated. Please email equalities@ucl.ac.uk if you have any suggestions.  

TED Talks  

Supporting ethnic minority students

'Supporting ethnic minority students in challenging times’ is a Teaching Toolkit that contains tips on how to create a safe space for students to grow and learn where they feel their voice is heard during challenging times.

Better Allies

The Department of Chemical Engineering is looking to build a workplace culture where its employees and students are thriving. Read more on the "Better Allies' section of our website.