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Disability Support

At UCL we provide support for all disabled staff and students who meet the Equality Act (2010) criteria. ‘Disability’ under the Equality Act 2010 implies having a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on one’s ability to do normal daily activities.

There is a wide range of support and adjustments that the Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing team can provide for students and staff with disability in UCL. This does not include conditions that fall outside the Equality Act (2010) definition of a disability. You can click on this link to check how disability is defined

Staff disability support

This includes but not limited to, funding provision towards adjustments such as training, additional travel costs, support or equipment that would be above and beyond what is reasonable for an employer to supply. Here are some useful links for further details:

Further resources on disability in academia can be found using the link below:

Professors Paul Upchurch (UCL) and Seralynne Vann (Cardiff University) share their personal experiences and perspectives on new research, commissioned by the Royal Society, on trends relating to students and academic staff with disabilities in STEM.

For staff members supporting students with disability

Accessibility guidance notes for academics to make lectures as accessible and inclusive as possible:

Disability support for students

Please click the below link if you are a student looking for information on disability support.