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Give Effective and Equitable Feedback


Background: Give Effective and Equitable Feedback

Feedback can be tricky to give, but it truly is a gift to receive. Without clear feedback, members of marginalized groups will have a much harder time succeeding and advancing.

Actions: Give Effective and Equitable Feedback

1) When giving feedback, focus on the business impact of an employee’s work. What should they keep doing because it’s moving the department forward? How should they improve in order to have an even bigger impact?

2) Don’t ease up just to avoid hurt feelings. Remember, vague feedback holds people back from growing in their careers.

3) Tell them about the expertise you see in them and how to develop more job-related skills.

4) Use objective criteria to evaluate employees in similar roles.

5) Write reviews of the roughly the same length for everyone on your staff.

6) Ask for feedback on how you can be a better ally.