UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Dr Rashid Jamshidi

Dr. Rashid Jamshidi specializes in mathematical modelling and CFD simulation of solid suspensions in non-Newtonian fluids. Specifically, his research focuses on behaviour of non-aqueous toothpastes in real processing environments. To overcome the critical challenges associated with this project, he leverages expertise developed over years of experience with simulation of multiphase flows, such as water flooding in porous media, cavitation bubbles in sound fields and crystallization in continuous microchannels. 

Rashid attained his PhD in engineering in 2013 on “Modeling and numerical simulation of acoustic cavitation with applications in sonochemistry”. He explored the mutual relation between cavitation bubbles, sound field, and energy dissipation in sonochemical reactors. The results generated from his work are beneficial for the numerical simulation of ultrasonically equipped reactors with complex geometry. Before joining the ThAMeS group, he utilized this knowledge and experience during his first project in UCL, where he investigated sonocrystallization of pharmaceutical ingredients, both numerically and experimentally. The numerical aspects of that research focused mainly on modelling of acoustic cavitation; While the experimental aspects focused on the design of micro/milli fluidic reactors integrated with ultrasonic transducers. The reactors successfully demonstrated high levels of controllability and reproducibility in continuous crystallization of organic materials.


Research Associate

Dept of Chemical Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
   31st Mar 2014