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Dr Haoyu Wang

Dr Haoyu Wang is specialized on the application of multiphase and complex fluid flow to intensify varies industrial processes, such as manufacturing and design. After received his BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Tianjin University, he joined Iowa State University for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Fluid Mechanics in 2007. In the meanwhile, he also worked in the Iowa State University as an instructor in Department of Mechanical Engineering. From 2015, Dr Wang worked as a research associate in Newcastle University and Imperial College London in the area of process intensification, processing complex fluid using microfluidics. He is recently appointed as a research fellow in two-phase extractions in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCL. 

Research interests:

Dr Wang’s research interests are in the area of fluid mechanics, in particular in multiphase and complex fluid. The application of complex multiphase flows spans widely in different industrial processes, from oil production and transportation to fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals production. With an interest in creating new solutions to the chemical engineering industry, microfluidic approaches in evaluating complex multiphase fluid have been employed to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial processes as a process intensification tool.

IRIS Profile


Research Fellow

Dept of Chemical Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
   1st Nov 2020
Imperial College London
Research Associate, Chemical Engineering | 2020
Newcastle University 
Research Associate, Chemical Engineering | 2017
Iowa State University
Instructor, Chemical Engineering | 2015


      Iowa State University
PhD, Chemical Engineering | 2012
      Tianjin University
BSc and MSc Mechanical Engineering | 2007