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Dr Fria Hossein

Dr Fria Hossein is a physicist with expertise in ultrasound and quantum physics. He obtained his PhD in ultrasound vibration potential for imaging in engineering and medicine in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). He received an MSc in advanced science (Quantum Technology) and BSc in physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds. Prior to this, he delivered lectures in the School of Physics at the University of Leeds. Fria has recently appointed as a research fellow in the area of ultrasound technology for application in the field of biotechnology to introduce as a rapid test for Zika and Chagas viruses. He is now working as a postdoctoral research associate on applying ultrasound techniques for multiphase flow measurements.

Research interests:

His research interests are in the area of particle physics, electroacoustics, medical imaging, chemical physics, quantum technology, electrolytes, ERT tomography, UVP imaging, particle science and engineering, colloids, quantum information science, thermodynamics, vibrations, standard model (physics), geothermal energy, biosensors, and advanced multiphase fluid system.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dept of Chemical Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Science
Joined UCL
    30th Mar 2020


University of Leeds
PhD Chemical Engineering | 2019
MSc Quantum Technology | 2013
BSc Physics | 2007