Chemical Engineering


Alberto Striolo

Professor of Molecular Thermodynamics and Director of the Msc Global Management of Natural Resources

Research Interests

Molecular Science and Engineering

Our research builds on fundamental thermodynamics and transport knowledge, acquired in the Chemical Engineering curriculum. We synergistically combine analytical theory and advanced simulation techniques (ranging in scale from the electronic to the atomic, molecular, and coarse-grained levels) with state-of-the-art experimental tools to advance our understanding of molecular-level phenomena, particularly those occurring at interfaces. Our motto is ‘Rerum Cognoscere Causas’. Once we understand the molecular-level phenomena that dictate macroscopic outcomes, we seek to design materials and processes to optimize various applications.
Applications of current interest include catalysis and molecular separations, nuclear waste management, energy storage in electric double layer capacitors, hydraulic fracturing, environmental impacts of nanotechnology, biological interfaces, innovative manufacturing technologies, and particulate systems.


PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Padova, Italy, 2002
BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Padova, Italy, 1998


University of Oklahoma Presidential Professorship for meeting the highest standards of excellence in scholarship and teaching (2013)
American Chemical Society, COMP division, HP Outstanding Junior Faculty Award (2011)
University of Oklahoma Regents’ Award for Superior Research and Creative Activity (2011)
University of Oklahoma Junior Faculty Research Program Award (2008 and 2006)
ACS Petroleum Research Fund Type G Award (2007)