Changing Minds Training Programme



An innovative course for professionals interested in applying cutting-edge behavioural science to real world problems. Delivered in-person in central London.


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The course

We offer a challenging and immersive learning experience, where you will be taught by UCL’s world-leading behavioural scientists. By the end of this course, you will be able to apply key insights to everyday contexts and problems in your organisation. We will cover:

  • The power and limits of social influence
  • The rules of social relationships and why brands and organisations need to follow them
  • How to make better group decisions
  • Getting to grips with neuromarketing
  • Why everyone is biased and what you can do about it


      New dates to be announced.

      Who is it for?

      This course is aimed at people who:

      • Occupy consumer-facing roles
      • Design behaviour-change interventions, including policy makers
      • Work in advertising and brand-management
      • Work in performance management, including human resources

      Course tutors

      Prof Nichola Raihani                   Prof Daniel Richardson
      Dr Alicia Melis                             Prof Dave Lagnado
      Dr Stephen Dewitt                      Prof Lasana Harris
      Prof Joe Devlin


      To be announced.