UCL Changemakers


Departmental Projects

Departmental projects support staff-student consultative committees (SSCCs) in bringing about educational change informed by student feedback. First call for projects will be October 2019.

Since its pilot in 2014, ChangeMakers has been supporting students and staff to work together to develop, enhance and innovate student learning at UCL. 

Projects have included:
  • Conversations in Geography; an internal conference connecting undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers.

  • Exploring the UCL Brain Banksuccessfully embedded the use of specimens from the UCL Brain Bank into lectures for undergraduate students.

  • Developing Transparent Marking Criteria for Undergraduate Experimental Research Projects; designed marking criteria that are student-centred and have been widely taken up in the department

A tool to take action on student feedback

From September 2019, you will be able to apply for funding through staff-student consultative committees (SSCCs). ChangeMakers projects are entirely optional. They’re a tool to help you take action on student feedback. 

£850 funding towards project cost and payment of students

With £850 available in funding to contribute towards project costs and the reward & recognition of students, departmental projects are a great opportunity to put some extra resources behind persistent issues that keep arising from student feedback. Or maybe there is an idea you've wanted to act upon and this funding will provide some dedicated time from a project team to get it going.

One project per department guaranteed

There is funding for one project per department guaranteed. Projects need to be approved by departmental teaching committees - rather than centrally by ChangeMakers - and can be at either undergraduate or postgraduate taught levels. 

More info going out to SSCCs between now and their launch in October 2019

Over the coming months we will be updating this page and will be communicating directly with Co-Chairs of SSCCs ahead of the launch of this stream in October 2019. This will include: more information on the process; suggestions for how to instigate projects; examples of past projects; project templates so you can quickly get started in a project to address key areas of student feedback.