UCL Changemakers


ChangeMakers Resource Bank

Our bank of resources that will help you: develop your application, engage with our ethics process, support your whilst doing your project and then evaluate, report and disseminate it at the other end. 
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Applying for your project

Resources to help you complete the application form and design a good project.

Eduardo Paolozzi’s statue of Isaac Newton

Undertaking your project

Resources to help you successfully undertake your project.


Evaluating your project

Resources to help you plan for an effective evaluation of your project. 

Find out how UCL ChangeMakers support the ASER process

Disseminating your project

Resources to help you effectively disseminate your project. 

finance spreadsheet and a calculator

Project funding

Guidance to help you plan for and spend your project funding.

Structural Engineering

Project ethics

Guidance on the process for falling under our Ethics agreeement.