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Doctorates at the CES


The MPhil and PhD degrees often follow on from a Master's programme: both the taught and research pathways of the MAs offered by the Centre for European Studies are intended to allow this type of progression, as well as standing as degrees in their own right. Students may, however, also embark on an MPhil or PhD without having completed a Master's programme, provided they satisfy UCL's entrance requirements and come with the relevant experience and qualifications.

Research students do not follow a prescribed programme of study but carry out their own research project under the guidance of a supervisor. Students normally have both a principal supervisor and a subsidiary supervisor, and they will normally register in the department of their principal supervisor. The UCL Graduate School provides a range of induction and training courses for all research students.

The MPhil is a research degree of the shorter type, normally requiring two years of full-time study (four years part-time). The PhD normally requires three years' full-time study (six-years part time). Students initially register for the MPhil degree and may "upgrade" to PhD registration after a period of time (usually around one year to 18 months) if their work is of a sufficient standard.

Dissertations usually fall within the fields of study covered by the MA programmes offered by the CES. Prospective MPhil/PhD students are advised to consult the brief description of staff research interests listed through their respective websites - which, of course, may be combined for comparative topics, where joint equal supervision is possible.