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Music, italianità and the nineteenth-century global imagination (University of Cambridge), 16-17 September, 2016

Conference Report

Our first conference at the University of Cambridge proposed to explore different facets-geographical, historical, artistic and theoretical-of the relationship between music and italianità in an explicitly global context during the 'long' nineteenth century.

Suggested approaches for the exploration of different facets of a global musical italianità included:

Conference Themes
  • Pace and temporality
  • Space and place
  • Visual representations of performers or operas
  • Sound of/and war
  • Colonial encounters
  • Touring opera
  • The experience of exile
  • Newspaper reception of Italian music outside of Italy
  • Opera outside opera houses
  • Theatre architecture
  • Voice and vocality
  • Translations

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Conference Programme

Conference Abstracts

Call for papers

This is the network's first conference. It will be followed by further events at Brown University, Campinas, and at UCL.


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