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Postcard with an early photograph of the Teatro Municipal of Santiago, Chile, inaugurated in 1857

'Re-imagining italianità' (ref. IN-2015-045) is an international research network financed by the Leverhulme Trust and based at the UCL Centre for Transnational History, with collaborators in Cambridge, Italy, Brown University (US) and Campinas (Brazil). Over a period of three years, starting in February 2016, the project will investigate nineteenth-century Italian opera on a global scale in order to critically assess existing ideas on the relationship between music and national identity. Based on a cross-disciplinary collaboration, the network will analyse nineteenth-century discourse on music and national character; trace the global circulation of people, ideas and goods associated with the Italian opera industry; and examine particular cities and institutions as sites of cultural encounters.

For a conceptual outline of the project, please see Axel Körner's article "From Transnational History to Transnational Opera: Questioning National Categories of Analysis".

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