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Friday, 30 April - Saturday 1 May 2010

International Conference
Rewriting Histories - The Transnational Challenge

Video of Axel Korner's keynote lecture 'Five Thoughts on Transnational History'

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Speakers included:

Herman Bennett (New York), Volker Berghahn (New York), Wendy Bracewell (UCL), Patricia Clavin (Oxford), John Darwin (Oxford), Wendy Davies (UCL), Semil Deringil (Istanbul), Jeroen Duindam (Groningen), Norbert Goetz (Stockholm), Tom Gretton (UCL), Maurizio Isabella (QMUL), Jonathan Israel (Princeton), Andrew Hemingway (UCL), Mary Hilson (UCL), Axel Korner (UCL), Amelie Kuhrt (UCL), Daniel Laqua (Northumbria), Avi Lifschitz (UCL), Vivienne Lo (UCL), Nicola Miller (UCL), Diana Mishkova (Sofia), Jason Peacey (UCL), Lucy Riall (BBK), Bernhard Rieger (UCL), Katharina Rietzler (UCL), Naoko Shimazu (BBK), Bo Strath (Helsinki), Georgios Varouxakis (QMUL), Peter Wilson (LSE)

November 2009 to December  2009 Global Perspectives on the Current Crisis Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL

In a series of lectures organised by UCL's Centre for Transnational History, internationally renowned experts probe the origins, development and consequences of the current economic crisis.

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26th-28th November


European Societies of Work in Transformation:

Comparative and
Transnational Perspectives on Great Britain, Sweden and West Germany
During the Seventies
German Historical Institute London
17 Bloomsbury Square
London WC1A 2NJ
During the Seventies, many European countries experienced profound structural transformations that affected their character as industrial societies. In particular, the fundamental changes that reshaped the world of work galvanized public attention as much as they puzzled policy makers and social scientists. Moreover, countless people directly affected by the downturn made their grievances known in public. Focusing on Great Britain, Sweden and West Germany, this conference compares how three European industrial societies struggled to deal with challenges of economic change in a broad range of economic, social, and cultural settings. We hope to open up this new field for comparative and transnational historical

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22nd October 2009 "East looks West" Book Launch Haldane Room, North Cloister, Wilkins Building, University College London


To mark the completion of the "East looks West" Travel Writing Project, Wendy Bracewell and Alex Drace-Francis are hosting a reception in the Haldane Room, North Cloister, Wilkins Building, University College London, at 6.30pm on Thursday 22 October 2009. Poet, critic and novelist Alan Brownjohn, and critic and memoirist Vesna Goldsworthy, will introduce the volumes of the series.

There will also be a series of further public events at UCL - "Destination London" - to mark the occasion.

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