Centre for Transnational History


Centre for Transnational History OLD

UCL Centre for Transnational History (CTH)


The UCL Centre for Transnational History provides a forum for research and graduate training in the field of transnational history across different departments and faculties of UCL, including the History Department, the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), and the departments of Anthropology, History of Art, Scandinavian Studies and Science and Technology Studies and the Institute of Education.

CTH's Activities

The Centre's activities are understood to include transnational history in the specific sense of the term, namely the study of historical processes above and beyond the structures of states and nations, as well as comparative history, histoire croisée or Transfergeschichte, from the ancient to the contemporary world. Thus, the Centre aims to provide institutional support to individual and collaborative research projects in transnational history; it offers a framework for graduate studies in the field; and organises related seminars, lectures and workshops.

Ongoing Projects

The Centre engages with transnational history both as part of its wide range of teaching and of its various research activities. Ongoing projects include:

Passionate Politics

Passionate PoliticsTransnational Monarchy - Rethinking the Habsburg Empire 1804-1914Re-imagining Italianità