Centre for Neurorehabilitation


Strategy and Management

The activities of the Centre for Neurorehabilitation are inspired by current research, operational experience, and the interest of all those working in the field.

The key CNR strategic goals are:

  1. To prioritise the integration of neurorehabilitation clinical services across UCLP.
  2. To increase patient access to neurorehabilitation studies.
  3. To refine and grow our education and training programme.

The strategy and management group:

The group is based in Queen Square in London, working at University College London's Queen Square Institute of Neurology, and at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.  Where specializations overlap with other institutions, partnerships are formed to produce expert educational events.  The group welcomes suggestions for events and activities.  Contact can be made by emailing cnr@ucl.ac.uk

Queen Square