Centre for Neurorehabilitation



For progress in neurorehabilitation research, see the work of these research groups: 

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology  Contact
Plasticity and recoveryProfessor Nick Ward
Physiology and pathophysiologyProfessor John Rothwell
Whole-body sensorimotor labProfessor Brian Day
Human decision making and action selection labProf Sven Bestmann
Aphasia labProfessor Alex Leff
PLORASPredicting Language Outcome and Recovery after Stroke
Spinal Repair UnitProfessor Ying Li, Professor David Choi, Dr Daqing Li
Experimental neuroinflammationExperimental Neuroinflammation Group
UCL Institute of Orthopedics 
OrthopedicsRoyal National Orthopaedic Hospital
SurgeryUCL Division of Surgery       
University of East London 
NeurorehabilitationUEL Neurorehabilitation Unit
Queen Mary University of London 
NeuroimmunologyNeuroimmunology of multiple sclerosis treatments   
City University London 
RehabilitationSchool of Health Sciences
Centre for Language & Communication Science ResearchAphasia research
University College London 
CommunicationResearch Department of Language and Cognition