Centre for Neurorehabilitation


Other Activities

Special Interest groups meet to review research, discuss complex issues, and update each other.  If you're interested in joining a Special Interest group, email cnr@ucl.ac.uk to make contact.

Vocational Rehabiitation

CNR recognizes the importance and the challenges of a return to work.  The CNR VocRehab subgroup focuses on this area and meets to review best practice, discuss guidelines and legislation, review complex cases, and host speakers on current topics of interest.  If you'd like to join this group, email cnr@ucl.ac.uk to be placed on the VocRehab mailing list.

Dates for VocRehab Subgroup meetings in 2021:

Meeting dates are Thursday 25th March, 17th June, 23rd September, and 25th November 2021, all at 5.30-7.00 pm.  Meetings will be held remotely via MS Teams, and the meeting topic and link to the meeting will be sent out to the VocRehab mailing list prior to each meeting.    


Results of a recent project:

In 2020, some members of the VocRehab group participated in a consultation group let by Professor Diane Playford.  The results are available here.   

You can download the results, and when referring to the work, cite the UCLP Centre for Neurorehabilitation website as the source.  Citation:   ED Playford, K Hayward, J Hurford, C Doogan, E Flavell, S Evans, C Knight, A De Souza, E Johansson-Charles, on behalf of the UCLP Centre for Neurorehabilitation Vocational Rehabilitation Network. Vocational Rehabilitation: A Commissioning Structure for Different Levels of Service.  https://www.ucl.ac.uk/centre-neurorehabilitation


Upper Limb Rehabilitation

The Upper Limb Rehabilitation group communicates via Twitter, hosts eminent speakers in this specialty, and runs the two-day Annual Meeting on Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Queen Square.