Centre for Neurorehabilitation


Other Activities

Special Interest groups meet to review research, discuss complex issues, and update each other.  If you're interested in joining a Special Interest group, email cnr@ucl.ac.uk to make contact.

Vocational Rehabiitation

CNR recognizes the importance and the challenges of a return to work.  The CNR VocRehab group focuses on this area and meets in Queen Square on a monthly basis to review best practice, discuss guidelines and legislation, review complex cases, and host speakers on current topics of interest.  If you'd like to join this group, email cnr@ucl.ac.uk to be placed on the VocRehab mailing list.

Upper Limb Rehabilitation

The Upper Limb Rehabilitation group communicates via Twitter, hosts eminent speakers in this specialty, and runs the two-day Annual Meeting on Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Queen Square.