Centre for Neurorehabilitation


CNR Networking Events

Networking events are a chance to share experiences and ideas in a friendly environment

  • We run 3-4 networking events each year running from 5.30-7.00pm followed by a chance to catch up and network with friends and colleagues over refreshments.
  • Anyone can attend or present, either in person or via online link!
  • For each event we will pick an interesting mix of very short presentations based on brief abstracts that we invite you to send us. These can be studies, case presentations or simply new ideas that you want to get feedback on.
  • If there is a particular topic you would like to see or even run, let us know at cnr@ucl.ac.uk and we can help you!

Upcoming networking events

  • Research Networking Event: Coming Soon!
Previous networking events
  • Creative Therapy Approaches

  • Sex, Sexuality and Relationships with a Neurological Diagnosis

  • Positive risk taking in relation to DoLS and mental capacity

  • Neurorehabilitation for young adults:  How do we include parenting and spousal roles?

  • Using technology to enhance and facilitate neurorehabilitation

  • Supporting the development of insight and/or self-awareness after brain injury

  • Inspiring motivation in neurorehabilitation. What gets us all going?

  • Rehabilitation:  Enabling patient participation. Successes and challenges

Recorded networking events

  • 'Creative Therapy Approaches' 4th October 2022
    (Please note that videos in the 'EyeHarp' presentation have been removed)

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://youtu.be/mp6N8-Olspo

  • 'Sex, Sexuality and Relationships with a Neurological Diagnosis' 18th January 2022

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnsrrg43FDo