Centre for Law and Governance in Europe


Centre for Law and Governance in Europe

The Centre for Law and Governance in Europe is a research and teaching centre in all areas of EU law and governance, based at the UCL Faculty of Laws.

The Centre is directed by Professor Piet Eeckhout and brings together more than a dozen scholars in this area.

The research interests of the members of the Centre are diverse. They include the constitutional and administrative law of the EU, including external relations, and a wide range of policy areas. Prominent among the latter are social policy, competition policy, migration policy, environmental policy, employment policy, consumer policy, agricultural policy, and intellectual property.

One feature of the research undertaken by members of the Centre is a conviction that it is through analysis of distinct policy areas that the constitutional and administrative law of the EU can best be illuminated and evaluated. The interests of members of the Centre in governance takes them beyond a static analysis of institutional form in the EU. Much of the research undertaken is concerned with the emergence of novel governance forms, which bring together different levels of governance, and private as well as public actors. Many of these experiments in governance are controversial, raising important legitimacy concerns. Addressing these concerns is at the heart of the research of many members of the Centre.

As is apparent below (see news and events) and from the personal web pages of members, the Centre’s scholars are involved in a wide variety of international, often interdisciplinary, research projects, and the Centre hosts a wide range of conferences and workshops.