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A Study of Biological Prognostic Factors for IGM Paraproteinemic Anti-Mag Associated Peripheral Neuropathy

Sponsor University College London
CI Dr M. Lunn
UK sites London Queen square
Contact details michael.lunn@uclh.nhs.uk


Anti-MAG neuropathies have variable severity. Some have a non-significant response to immunotherapies, but all have significant risks of potentially severe adverse effects from treatment.

We need predictive factors to find out which patients have a high risk of severe disability so treatment can be targeted to appropriate patients. We suggest studying factors which could influence the disease evolution. This includes molecules:

  • that regulate the B-cells
  • that may modulate the alteration of the blood-nerve barrier

Study information

This is a retrospective cohort study. Blood and Cerebro-Spinal Fluid samples will be analysed for biomarkers.

It includes patients from the National Hospital for Neurology in London, and from the University Hospital of Rennes in France.

Primary objective

to determine biological factors that could predict the severity of neuropathies associated with IgM anti-MAG antibodies.