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Strengthening Hip muscles to improve walking distance in people with Charcot- Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease

Sponsor University College London Hospitals
Funder Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (MDC)
CI Professor Mary M Reilly
UK sites London Queen square
Contact details g.ramdharry@ucl.ac.uk
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CMT disease is a form of hereditary peripheral neuropathy. Patients with CMT suffer weakness, wasting and sensory loss. It is as a result of damage to the long peripheral nerves supplying the distal muscles.

Primary objective

to investigate the efficacy of home based training program to increase hip flexor muscle strength and walking endurance.

The training lasted 16 weeks.

Other measures recorded were:

  • gait speed
  • exertion
  • fatigue
  • disability
  • general activity

Baseline impairment measures were obtained to determine predictors of strength gains.

This study used a single blinded, randomised cross over design.


Patients aged between 18 and 70 years, diagnosed with CMT on the basis of:

  • genetic tests (where possible)
  • family history
  • and neurophysiology testing

Each subject was involved with the study for a 40 week period.