Queen Square Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases



is a patient with Multifocal Multi Neuropathy (MMN).

Mahmoud - MMN

What was your initial impression of the service provided?

Professional , very good service and experienced medical staff and consultants.

How long have you been a patient of the Centre?

Seven years.

How does your condition affect your day to day life?

Difficult to do my daily activities and in my work (full time job). I have devised various techniques to enable me to live my life and keep my job.

How regularly do you visit, and why?

My is disease MMN. It showed in 2001 as weaknesses in the left hand, but it was not known as MMN.

By 2008 the disease had spread to the right hand, and it was diagnosed as MMN. From that time I was put on the drug OCTAGAM. My health was up and down due to MMN, but in the last 3 year it is stable taking 1600m of OCTAGAM every 6 weeks.

How would you describe the staff?

Professional, experienced medical staff. Kind and courteous behaviour.

How do the staff help you to manage your condition?

Listening to me and assuring me when I am upset due to my condition. They are vigilant and notice even when I go to make a cup of tea - they come and offer help.

What happens if you have a problem at home and need to talk to somebody at the centre?

I call the Day Care Unit and ask for their help.

How long do you usually stay for appointments?

Three days and based on the rate of OCTAGAM infusion it takes seven to eight hours to have six bottles in one day.

What advice would you give patients who have recently been diagnosed with your neurological condition?

  • Eat healthy food with lots of vegetables and fruit. Keep fit through swimming and avoid sitting for a long time, and try to practice even at small scale.