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We take an active approach to research and are interested in developing the best results to assess and manage glycogen storage diseases.

A phase 2a pilot study, exploring treatment with Sodium Valproate in adults with McArdle disease

Study aims: 
To test if Sodium Valproate can improve symptoms of people with McArdle disease during exercise
Muscular Dystrophy UK
Start date:
January 2015
London and Copenhagen 
15 required (active) 


Study aims: Early diagnosis, high quality advice and management, and to identify suitable candidates for inclusion in future studies of treatments and trials of drugs.

Euromac is a registry of people diagnosed glycogen storage diseases.

The registry is a secure, anonymised and confidential database designed to contain the medical data related to people who give their consent to inclusion.

EUROMAC aims to promote awareness and understanding of the conditions, improve standards of diagnosis and care and to promote research.

By being included in the registry, patients will be contributing to the well-being of future generations of people with these conditions.

Further information

Further information about this study can be obtained from the MRC Centre Clinical Trials Coordinator on 020 3448 8011.


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